Introducing my Mastering Class

I found a copy “Writing the Life Poetic” by Sage Cohen.  On the back it describes itself as an inspiration companion.  When I look through the chapters, it discusses poetry and sources of inspiration and other poetic issues.  In most chapters there are exercises. I’m challenging myself to write a poem for every exercise in the book and for every chapter (if there isn’t an exercise).  In the classic words of almost 40%* of internet memes today:

An internet meme I stole from another blog.  But did you want to know that?

In the future I will be posting the exercises and resulting poems. In addition there will be some discussion on the poem.  Sometimes I will post a poem from first draft through to final draft stage.  In this way you will see the thought processes that burned my brain cells as I was writing poetry.

If you wish to contribute to the development of this blog and the resulting collection of poems, please don’t hold back.  But remember that good criticism is not “This sucks”.  I’d like to know why it sucks and how I can make it suck less.  If you want to know about good criticism here is an article about it.  It’s by Joe Bunting of The Writing Practice, a site that specialises in advise and support for writers.

I hope you enjoy this blog and the poetry.


*A made up statistic…call it poetic license 


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