Digression : Poetry on Request

On Wednesday 11 June, Springwood Public School, my local public school, celebrated it’s 135th Anniversary.  My friend Victoria asked me back in April to write a poem for the occasion but it wasn’t until last week that I was reminded of the task.  She sent me several documents of quotes dating back to the early 1900’s from past and present students.  I started writing a poem in iambic pentameter with an a,b,b,c rhyming scheme but the format and the approach just wasn’t working for me. After a couple of days of thinking and subconscious thought, I told my wife of the problems and she said why don’t you just focus on three elements of history – past, present and future.  On Monday morning I awoke with the first stanza buzzing in my head and after I sent the kids to school I completed the rest of the poem.

The poem itself is comprised of three stanzas.  A short first stanza focused on the past encompassing some of the older quotes that I had read.  I kept it short to reflect the view that the past is a simpler time than the present.  This is juxtaposed with the second stanza.  The second stanza is longer, is busier than the first to represent the “complex” times we live in.  A lot of the events and subjects taught represent the activities that have occurred during the time my family have been involved with the school.

The original Springwood Public School.  This current location is now a car park.
(from this blog)

The final stanza is a series of questions because the future is unknown.  Here in Australia there is an increasing trend of using technology and the internet to prepare and deliver lessons.  I am sure the use of technology will increase to the point that it is possible that physical locations like schools,  galleries and even cinemas will change beyond recognition or perhaps even disappear.  I am hoping that I am wrong.


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