Poem: Ascending/Descending

The single sound of a footstep multiplied
(muffled by soft leather slippers)
Soft as the constant breathing
soft as the rush of air exhaled through noses
the ruffle of gowns as legs reach down,
knees bend up.
hands slide along the banister then grip
arms bend as the body meets hand, only a moment
for hand slides along the banister then grips.
The flights of stairs are long
there is no time for dizziness.
every step has a foot departing arriving
and whilst no climb up or down leads up or down,
they are climbing
silently thinking
measuring time with climb, decline.
each landing is on equal level
though only reached
ascending descending
each landing is no stopping point
merely turning to continue
ascending descending
there is no apex or bottom rung
to note the journey done
the air is still,
disturbed only by the sound of footsteps

the single sound of a footstep multiplied.

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