Discussion: Chapter 3 Exercise two. Halfway there

To refresh anyone’s memory, chapter 3 of Writing the Life Poetic by Sage Cohen (there is a link in an earlier post) is called “Start where you are” and it looks at your immediate environment for poetic inspiration.  There are four exercises at the end of the chapter.  I have written poems for the second and third exercise, but I am stuck on the third poem, which is at the moment a two column list poem, but may change.  The second exercise, however, is completed.

Here is the exercise from the book.
“What wildlife, plants and trees do you see out your window at home, at work, or en-route to work? What do they look like, feel like, sound like?  What are their names?”

My response to this exercise is to talk about my front garden.  It is an ever-changing feast on the nose and eyes thanks to my wife’s diligent hand.  Unfortunately she has not had the time the last few weeks to devote to the front garden due to a dislocated shoulder (hers not mine). But we get lots of lovely compliments on it from a lot of people.  I don’t have a photo of our front garden to show you, so hopefully you get an lovely idea from the poem.  Here is a photo of a buxus hedge and a gardening link.

A buxus hedge.  I’ve included it because it’s mentioned in the poem
from gardensonline.com.au


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