Poem: In Care

In care
For Sue Wildman (and her mother) 
From Mamamia.com.au
My tears gently drop on her forehead
Lips pressed against her skin
In fervent prayer
Hands grip hers
She summons the strength
to tighten
Eyes focus slowly
In the dim light
On brave smiles
Deep unsettling breaths
oxygen tubes peeking into her nose
Her forehead is papyrus thin
Parchment losing heat
When she presses her lips the skin
Yields to tears that settle like dew
On fallen leaves
Her heart whispers a prayer of memory
When she wakes
she smiles
mutters concern
Advises sleep, food
Gives love freely
In exchange for kisses and tears
Prayers and memories
While she’s here
there is still her
And in her heart she prays
“as long as my memory is on your lips
As long as your tears kiss your eyes
I am still here.

1st October 2014

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