Poem: Portrait of an artist as a bigot

After seeing “The Boxtrolls”

We are too ready to put others in boxes
But never ourselves.

We are too ready to box a person
In with derision
Because they encroach on our
Picture of ourselves
(a picture is a two-dimensional portrait in a box)

And as we paint our self-portrait
We can choose to break
Someone else’s brush and spill
The palette on the floor

We can lend our brush, our paint,
Our eyes
Share the view
See the world as a 
Better place.

Note:  I had such trouble choosing a photo for this poem.  I didn’t want to use a picture from the movie because the movie is more a muse to the poem and teaches a thoroughly different lesson. I searched Google for bigot and painting.  Guess what – there’s a painter called Bigot, a Baroque painter who specialised in religious paintings.  Not what I expected.  In addition there was lots of pictures of people perceived as bigots, and memes about bigotry.  So in the end I settled for a scapegoat.  I blame the scapegoat for there not being a suitable picture.  Yes I know its unfair, but I paid it money and sent it into the desert.  I hope it finds a nice bush to eat.

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