Poem: For the Daughter of the Farmhand’s Wife

Did your mother ever know
how you would grow?
From a schoolgirl in love with the world around her
into a poet in love with the world around her. 
I am sure she does.
Your thoughts call to her constantly,
and she responds by singing to you at night –
all the tunes she used to play.  
You make us dance to those tunes,
so carefully played out with love.
You make us dance with wit
that is razor sharp and keen,
twisting words that sends us spinning
into observations never seen. 
You dance us into your memories
and into days lost to the speed of modern commerce.
You are a policeman on a busy thoroughfare
making us stop and look at ourselves. 
You are a mother who nurtures
us through our confusion.
Your poetry brings light
into the darkened mind,
of the better things in life
to which most of us are blind. 
Your mother must be proud of you,
as she watches from the sky.
To see her daughter bring joy and laughter
into city hearts so dry. 
Did your mother ever know
the hardships you would face?
The empty purse and empty marriage
The ill health of old age. 
I am sure she does.
Your pain aches her constantly
she responds by sending you love
from friends who care for you in her place. 

She sends the owls who watch over you
they help you gain the wisdom you rightfully deserve.
She sends poets to excite you
grandchildren to love you. 
Although your heart is prone to flutter
you still work hard
at making other people feel special.
 Your daughters do not know what they have in you.
They will learn in time
(I believe one is learning now). 
You are so much like your mother
You shower praise and concern where it is due.
You fill your life and house with love
Your friendship is as strong as a lighthouse
in a storm as warm as a fireplace in winter
as solid as the stones that make it. 
Your mother is so proud of you.
She watches you and tells her friends
of what a great woman you are. 
If there ever was a better person than you,
I have yet to meet them. 
 Simon Lenthen                                                              14.12.93


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