Poem: Abbott, No Costello

Abbott, No Costello

Why did we get the straight man?
The one to take us straight into turmoil
The one would go straight to his
Corporate mates for snake oil.
The one who would dismantle the mantle
Of society and the pillars that support it.

The one who speaks in public what
Idiots think in private clubs
Over G&T’s and the Financial Review.
The one who thinks that if there is a
Divide, it should be a great one.
Yes, he’s Australian because there is
No end to his great dividing range.

The one who plays hockey with the treasury
Batting his two balls into the Office of Women
The one who smirks at others’ misfortune.
The one who’s hopefully short term memory
For campaign promises will be remembered
In the long term by parties and voters
As a cautionary tale on the
Mutton dressed as ham we get served
On the electoral roll.

Simon Lenthen


5 thoughts on “Poem: Abbott, No Costello

  1. Simon – Congrats on penning this poem Abbott – No Costello. Sums up MANY people’s feelings at this time 🙂


    • Thank you Grace. I am in a bit of a bind though, I would rather Abbott stay as Prime Minister so that Labour can win the next election, rather than have him spilled by somebody else and increase the Liberal chance of a win.


    • 27 days to NSW state election (28 March) and the next election is due by January 2017, but may be called as early as September 2016. According to Wikipedia. But since elections are used to viewed by parties to hold onto power I suspect that an early election may be called if Abbott is spilled out of Prime Ministership.


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