Poetry: Show and Tell Haiku

A. Her hair was a mess.

Early morning hair
Extending shoots all around
Tangling itself

B. I hate the smell of roses

Those pungent roses
Intruding in my clean home
Unwelcome fragrance

C. He couldn’t wait to see her again

Expectant smile, he
Holds her name on cardboard sign
Scanning the weary

D. The preschooler wasn’t ready to leave the playground when recess was over

The unwanted bell rings
But monkeybars call his name
The trees cry old leaves

E. You can always change your mind

A restless wind plays
With your reasoning, nothing
Is set in concrete

F. The moon is full

Moonlight shines brightly
Luminescent through clouds
Pretending the sun.

G. I refuse to give up.

I am tenacious
Banging against the wall that
You built around you


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