Discussion: So far so good

Ah well.  Mid way into my first week of posting everyday on my blog. I thought having a day set aside for a particular thing would be a good thing.  I’ve got Music on Monday, Trailer Tuesday, Spoken Word Wednesday.  Friendly Friday where I feature a guest poet.  Silly Saturday and Simon’s Sunday.  Silly Saturday is dedicated to nonsense and doggerel.  Simon’s Sunday is when I post my own poetry up.

But Thursday!  Thursday, hump in the week day.  People think Wednesday is a hump in the week, but that’s if you work five days a week. Thursday is the meat in the 7 day week sandwich. What to do?  Thrumming Thursday?  Thumping Thursday? Thirsty Thursday?  Stuff it.  Can’t put a theme to it.

I was going to do something about the business of being a writer and a poet.  Give advice and tips on getting out there and doing it.  But I don’t practice half of what I preach.  So I will account to you on my writing work.

I have three short stories in first draft stage, no poetry written in the last week, and no articles published.  I did some stuff for a crowd-sourcing content site but its not worth the time for a fifty-word piece that pays only $1.20 to re-write something that needs more than fifty words to achieve its goals.  So I let it slide and got a slap on the wrist. I appreciate that some people need to save money, but I won’t sell myself short for a faceless user who wants more than they are prepared to pay for.

And that’s where I’m at.  It’s Thursday.  So far so good.


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