Friendly Friday: Yolanda and Shel

Friendly Friday is when I feature other poetry blogs.  Usually I will choose someone who follows my blog and promote it.  Today you’re getting a two-for.  The first one is Yolanda Marin. Her blog is a mix of poetry, travel and observations on her life in Sydney, Australia.  It’s very interesting with great photos.  Her poetry is wonderful, you had a taste of it yesterday.  Please feel free to visit her blog.  If you want to me to feature your blog, please feel free to email me And don’t forget to follow my blog.

The second poet is not as alive or active in the blogosphere.  Mainly because he’s dead.  He’s one of my favourite poets.  Especially for children’s nonsense poetry.  The link I’m putting up, however, is one for adults and not to be shared with children.  Language and adult themes. Enjoy Shel Silverstein’s “The father of the boy named Sue”


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