Themeless Thursday: Mind over Meta

How meta is this?  Themeless Thursday.  Last week I opined about how I couldn’t find a “th” for thursday and decided to chuck it in for just stuff and talking about my writing. Then yesterday while I was getting ready for class my brain clicked onto Themeless Thursday.  It’s kind of like The Game, if you think about it you lose.  So Themeless Thursday’s theme is that there is no theme.  Call me Neo.

Writing-wise I have not been so productive.  It’s been a bit busy. But there is good stuff on the horizon.  Last Friday I went with my director/producer/writing buddy Bryan to Leuralla, a wonderful historic house in Leura.  Bryan wanted me to see a special place where we are going to put on a kids show.  And indeed it was.  My mind was ticking over with ideas.  I told my wife one of them and already she has done a mock up some of the scenery for me to show Bryan next week.  I love that woman.

In addition to that Bryan asked me to step in on a storytelling gig at a local Botanic Garden.  I will be meeting the author of the story tomorrow morning so that he and I can nut out a suitable approach.  I am so looking forward to that because he is one of my favourite authors. I also hope to interview him for this blog for a future themeless post.

And on top of that I put in an expression of interest to the Blue Mountains Economic Enterprises’ Blue Lab Symposium in May for Creative businesses and it was accepted.  I will be running a workshop for creative types that focuses on understanding bookkeeping and financial reports. Very exciting.  I will be using my ALORE Tree metaphor to teach people about the elements of accounting and how to speak to accountants in their language. And I get paid for it!!!

After I finish here, I’ll be recording two pieces of flash fiction for AntipodeanSF.  An Australian based Sci-Fi Flash fiction website and radio broadcast. They are celebrating their 200th issue. I had a story accepted last year for a different edition. I will upload the audio soon.


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