Terry Pratchett and the Mourning of What Might Have Been

One of my favourite authors. A great writer and an equally great loss

Life When You Have No Life

I adored Terry Pratchett. I adored his books, his essays, everything. Pretty much anything he wrote, I have loved in some fashion. Because he was THAT author. Kind, mischievous, cynical, angry, tough, smart. All things an author should be. He will always be the epitome of class, the cornerstone of genre bending, the “Man in Black” of the literary world.

But I do not mourn his passing.

Social media has been flooded with tributes and final farewells to a man that was pretty private yet everyone seemed to “know.” He was an everyman of literature. He took the fantasy genre into new and unexpected places. Satire and humor were his swords against societal injustices. He often made you think twice, sometimes thrice, about your life or the world around you with a word or a phrase, but it was always delivered by the most unlikely of sources. A witch with…

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