Trailer Tuesday : Naked Soul, Erotic Poetry by Salil Jha

Finding this was a bit of a needle in a haystack.  A lot of book trailers for poetry were not very inspiring. *Sigh* That’s ok I guess because while it does little for getting readers, at least you know that poets are focusing on poetry and not marketing. Having said that, it is an unfortunate truth that poets and authors need to be able to market themselves and their works

This trailer is a good example of a good poetry book trailer.  The use of actors in both the visual and audio helps bring the passion of the book alive, as well as adding immediacy to the poetry.  I find it interesting that although this is a book of erotic poetry it isn’t explicitly present in the trailer.  Instead we get a promise of the eroticism, the expectation of excitement and intimacy, both through the words and imagery of the trailer.  The passion of the recitation by the woman is especially tantalising.



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