Themeless Thursday: (Insert interesting title here)

Lazy titling time.  I’m at second draft stage for an article for NZ Dads.  I started writing a new flash fiction for Antipodean SF based on a song by “The Dissociatives” even though I have other stories that are in the works.  My show for “My Uncle’s Donkey” is currently in development, just have to hunt down some sound effects and write up the running order.  You might think why write up something for a story-telling; I do it so that I can have fun activities tied to some of the ideas expressed in the story.

I’ve written an article about the links between the three most recent Disney CG movies “Wreck-it Ralph”, “Frozen” and “Big Hero Six”.  My wife said its good but why write it and is it appropriate to the blog?  And she’s got a point.  Naturally.  So I am ruminating over that.  And a few other posting type ideas.

I have a long narrative poem called “Poem Noir” which I wrote in the 1980’s.  I’m thinking of serialising it on this blog on Thursdays.  Here is a taste of it.

Poem Noir

Part I

Grey lamppost.
On the other side,
hidden from light,
brown trenchcoat,
T.C. Brown –
watching shadows
play in windows;
curtains down,
the show is on.

Close up eyes,
Close up gun,
trigger squeezing.
Close up smoke,
curling from the barrel.
Close up face,
rude awakening of everlasting sleep.
Close up withered rose
petal falling gracefully.
Close up outstretched arm –
opening hand, releasing
a diamond.
Close up diamond rolling to a pair of shoes.

T.C. Brown is watching the window.
Shadow pair
kissing, slow motion caress..
Music from bar somewhere;
laughter and songs
turn to shouted voices,
breaking glass,
woman’s scream.
T.C. is distracted.
He doesn’t see the shadows
join and dance around the window.
He does not see the raised silhouette knife
thrust in self determination
Siamese separation.
T.C. Brown sees no shadows
and waits.

High heels tap to lamppost
but no one steps into light.
T.C. hides in a corner of the darkness.
Brown case slides into dark light.
Painted nails curl around handle,
pulls case out of light.
The click of locks.
Gas lighter betrays notes
then blinks off.
Gun shot.
Shoes running away.
Black dress, dark stain in dark light.
T.C. searches.
Finds keys, purse with $20 and handkerchief –
monographed initials,

Blue flash pierces dark grey.
Policeman steps in light.
Flash cold badge,
Flash cold eyes,
Flash cold steel of cuffs,
Flash jet-black truncheon
on trenchcoat.
Fade out.


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