Serial Poem: Poem Noir

Part II

Fade in.
Smoke curling in morning light.
Angular cop in grey suit
and no smile.
“Who’s the dame?”
Whose gun?”
Sting of slap,
T.C. smiles
“I don’t know.”
Angles throws handkerchief on table.
“Why’d you pick her pockets?”
Angles points to gun.
“Where’s the second bullet?”
T.C. says,
“There was only one shot.”
“Neighbours say two,
twenty minutes between.
We found the second stiff in the apartment.”

T.C. Brown curses life.
Sometimes you just can’t watch from
the darkness behind lampposts.
He says,
“I got a client.
I gotta’ tail a couple.”
Angles lets him out with a warning,
“You’re still a suspect.”
Aren’t we all.

T.C. Brown opens the door to his office.
Light filters bravely through shuttered windows.
Spotlights bottle on desk.
Spotlights open drawer.
Spotlights full ashtray.
Spotlights hand on armrest
holding gun.
“Close the door.
Drop your gun.
Raise your arms.
Sit down.
Keep ‘em up.
Don’t even think of breathing.”
Deep voice, baritone.

Hands frisk trenchcoat.
“No diamond.”
Baritone on couch squeezes trigger.
“You shot my courier.”
“I didn’t, check my gun.”
Hands grab gun from spotlight on floor.
Barrel opens,
flash of full barrel in sunlight.
T.C. says,
“I was arrested by the police,
no time to refill the gun.”

“Why were you there?”
“I got a client.
I gotta’ tail a couple.”
“You got a new client.
Find the diamond.
Find the money.
Find the killer.
Or we’ll kill you.”


5 thoughts on “Serial Poem: Poem Noir

    • the poem, as you probably have guessed, is a tribute to film noir, so there is dialogue to convey character as well as advance the plot. I find that in film noir, the emphasis is on character to drive the plot, rather than action. This is unlike street thrillers like the french connection or dirty harry where action drives the plot instead of character


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