Discussion: The call of the wolves

I had a dream of writing a diary of a colonist from Earth settling on a distant, somewhat uninhabitable planet. The diary would follow the selection process to be a colonist, the training and take off.  Then it would focus on the difficult landing on the new planet, and the challenges it represents.  It would not be easy for the colonists as the terra-forming equipment would be mostly destroyed.  The land itself would be poisonous to the settlers, and they would have to identify the foods that would be safe to eat.  One of the features of the planet would be that it has two moons, Cain and Abel, and that when the moons eclipse at night, the local wolf-like population would howl in the lead up to the eclipse.

The diary would have notes and observations from one of the settler and be a mix of prose and poetry.  “The Call of the Wolves” is one of those poems.



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