Poem: The Call of the Wolves

When the twin moons pass each other
like old friends who say nothing but nod
like strangers interested in each other
sending messages in silent signals
When these two moons meet at night
The wolves call out a mournful howl.

Are they warning the moons of our presence?
“They are changing this world, beware!
Help Us, Brother moons!” they cry,
“For we are losing ground.
We are losing to drones that furrow unthinkingly,
We are losing to two-legged creatures
with fear and awe in their eyes.”

Or do they blame the two round red faces.
“You brothers have sent us a curse,
A two-legged curse that forces itself
on our hunting fields
claiming all that is safe to eat
all that this world gives us.
And all you do is hang in the sky
as if they were not your children.”

And so they move on,
Cain and Abel circle this cruel globe
and when they hit, the wolves howl
They echo to each other
which echoes over the mountains
over the red seas, and dry plains.
They call into the sky,
disturbing the flight of owls and geese.
The call into the ground
Seeds turn in confusion,
even the roots of shaking ferns
flinch at these vibrations

Their howl echoes in my heart.
Like the cry of pain of their
victims who have died
Their howl haunts my solitude;
An unwanted companion
who makes his presence felt
despite all attempts not to.

And so they cry when the moons meet.
They cry and my heart becomes heavier
Does Cain and Abel hear it in space?
Do the moons understand why?
The silence that follows only lasts for a second,
A second that you can count for days.


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