Guest Poet: Nothing Left by Palepetrichor

A great poem, full of emotion and power. This is a fantastic piece.

Outlet Poetry

nothing left

My stomach is twisting when I hear the words about my weight escaping your violent lips.

I had never felt so bare, so exposed before, I had never felt too naked to hide.

I was taught confidence was always key, to education, success, relationships.

But when your arrows pierced my skin, I knew that healing was not an option.

Maybe if I bleed long enough, my dainty body will be something you can love.

You will make love to me, and I will sink into the sheets.

Your body against mine I will tell you to keep going.

Little did you know, with every move my ribs crushed.

Your hands moving across my empty stomach.

Your lips pressed against my cheek bones, defined against my slimmed face.

How can you not see there is nothing left of me for you to love.

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