Guest Poet: How To Live on the Moon by Erikleo

This is very similar to poem I wrote. I love the theme, and I particularly enjoy the humour in the poem.



How to Live on the Moon

Pack copies of Outstanding Stories,
one well-used board game, Blast Off
(a game of modern space exploration
for 1-4 players; planet Earth version)
a Meccano Moon Base Kit,
Jack and the Beanstalk vegetable seeds,
and ensure your Dan Dare space suit
is in good working order.
Before countdown re-read
Spacecraft Commander’s Briefing
for an extra confidence-boost.
After blast off relax and read
HG Wells’ First Men in the Moon,
to the accompaniment
of the Moonlight Sonata.
After touch down
adjust your Dan Dare suit,
relax for a few minutes
-read your Eagle comic
-help yourself to coffee
from your personalised vacuum pack
before stepping out onto an alien world.

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