Poem: How to cry in outer space

“In space, astronauts cannot cry properly, because there is no gravity, so the tears can’t flow down their faces!” Strange Facts.com

A piece of grit may cause an irritation,
(A grain of sand or some such dust)
The eye will generate self-irrigation
Without gravity, the attempt goes bust
You’ll wink and blink with frustration
Leave the eye alone, what you must
Do is look dejected, and wear a frown
Until your rocket ship’s touched down.

As you journey through outer-space
a void outside, and one within
You have a frown upon your face
that extends down onto your chin
Maybe you could try some mace
so that the outpour can begin.
But tears are hard without the pull
so your ducts must remain full.

An eye-dropper applied beneath the eye
can simulate a tear,
but without gravity to help you cry,
the drop you cannot steer.
The best that you can do is heave a sigh
Maintain a sad veneer,
Refrain from partaking in astronautic mirth
You can cry when you return to earth.

copyright Simon Lenthen 2000

Erikleo – shout out to you as a response to “How to Live on the Moon”


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