Themeless Thursday: Floating Bladder Presents

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Last weekend I attended Nullus Anxietas V.  It was fantastic, I got to meet Stephen Briggs, a very charming and affable man who gave his time generously to the convention.  I watched some fantastic skits and and lovely people.  My son came along and we had a great time.  The theme was based on Pratchett’s book “Moving Pictures” so everything had a Hollywood theme.  Guilds were organised into movie studios. I was placed into Floating Bladder Studios.  During the con all studios had to come up with a studio mascot/logo and a five minute skit on a title and genre. The title was “Blown Away” and the genre was romance.  So naturally we went with “Gone with the Wind” as our starting point.  I developed the skit with a man I call Major, and directed the cast.  I also had to substitute as the male lead when the initial lead pulled out at the last minute.

The skit was set during the Dwarf/Troll war.  Scion of a great dwarf mining family, Scar Scarson is in love with Ashheap, a troll.  He refuses her hand in marriage because he is promised to his cousin Melanite. Oh who will love Scar.  Enter Rhett Butlerbottom, he will help Scar run her beloved Tarmine, he would even kill trolls. Go, Scar implores him, go kill a troll.  Rhett exits on his trusty steed and a battle ensues (cue Batman 60’s battle style music). Rhett returns and proposes to Scar, who after two minutes of consideration says “No.” Rhett is heartbroken.  Scar’s servent (a golem) interrupts saying the River Ankh has burst its bank, again; the Tarmine is under threat.  “Rhett,” asks Scar,”Please save my Tarmine” but the spurned Rhett says “Frankly, my dear, I don’t build a dam.”

The skit was done as a silent movie, with the text typed into Powerpoint and displayed behind the action.  A 3D effect was achieved with sundry cast dancing around the audience during the ballroom scene, and then bursting into fights during the fight sequence, complete with little signs saying “Thud!” “Oof” and other cries of pain.

My son was the horse.  He wore a full horse head mask (given as a birthday present) and used two coconuts halves (courtesy of my sister).  Yes, as Martin Pearson said, a Pratchett reference and a Monty Python reference in the same skit – geekgasm!!!

As for the logo.  We sent up the Dreamworks logo and hung that off Death’s scythe.  Yes, the woman who cosplayed as Death was a member of our guild.

Maybe we should call it "Streamworks"
Maybe we should call it “Streamworks”

Everyone did a great job. We won the skit competition and the overall Guild contest.  YES!!! Prize – merchandise and chocolate.  Fantastic.


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