Poem: For Anthony’s PhD

i. Proposal
The men of yore took pride in war
And not in the growing grey
Modern men find their glory when
They wipe a market of competitors away
For them there are deadlines and headlines
To conquer, to climb Mt Maslow’s peak.
They can’t imagine stopping, the climbing, the topping
The 75 hour week.

An invisible man is an older man, he
sees his life work behind him.
When he sees time’s spread like a bare
Garden bed, just what does he do
To find him.

Does he see plentiful time ignite fire in his heart
Only to blink and vanish?
Or does he lie paralysed like as his will withers
Like an exile unceremoniously banished?

ii. Literature Review
Words spill ideas onto the page
Shape argument and critique
Lie buried in the keyboard like a seam of copper
Force pixels on monitors to tell unfathomable truths
Pratchett’s ideas are zeitgeist, floating in
Collective unconsciousness. And in the monitor’s
Light, Anthony is a solitary data miner,
Crafting his apprenticeship in thought and observation

iii. Methodology

1. Cattle prod that deadline into Anthony’s schedule
2. Conference after Conference
3. An illicit network information that
Needs cleaning, preening and posing
4. Nights in front of a monitor
Days in front of a lectern
Nights twisting data into truth
Days surmising and revising.

iv. Findings
• Men follow their hearts but pretend their head rules them.
• Men think they are doing new things but their old skills betray them.
• Women roll their eyes and say “Yes, Dear” then roll their eyes again.

v. Contribution
We can now call Anthony PhD
There are two doctors in his family
Sorry there are three;
Anthony, Michael, and Dr. Who.

copyright 2015. Simon Lenthen


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