Poem: Oh Mother Earth

Oh Mother Earth,
we have been reading too many magazines
and have tried to shape you into
our image of the perfect woman.
An image that man created
so that all women would know
what was expected of them.
We expected no less of you.

We have cut down the abundant rainforests
that were like leeches
and created plains for cattle to breed.
We built hard-edged cities on soft-rambling fields –
sprawling suburb sub-cultures over mottled hills.
We dressed you in bitumen lace to speed only ourselves.
We dug into your skin and removed minerals and oils
that could’ve lead to a bad case of acne.
We shaped you into a tough woman,
a man’s woman,
trim and lean and built – not created.
Not life-giving and round as you once were.

But we failed!
You are no woman, Mother Earth,
you are a wheezing old man,
choking on the fumes of our vehicles
your waters are stagnant and yellow,
you lose breath with every year.
You have open sores –
Mexico City, New York, Sydney
and more.
And you cannot resist our changes,
giving in to the life-robbing changes,
and not trying to change us.

Oh Mother Earth,
we have been reading too many magazines
on our own perception of beauty,
and not enough books on gardening
or home maintenance.


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