Trailer Tuesday: Two environment themed trailers.

The first trailer is from health-care provider Kaiser Permanente.  This trailer focuses on their book that details their approaches to reducing their overall impact on the environment. The book also looks at other hospitals who are not part of the Kaiser stable that have also implemented similar policies.  I must say I was initially sceptical about the trailer; at first I thought the book was more about the company trying to gain attention to themselves (“Look at us, we’re trying to heal the planet, too.”) but it seems to be a lot more than just that. Profits from the book goes to a non-profit environmental health-care group. I hope any health professionals out there would look past the source and read it in order to provide a greener approach to health care.

The book trailer is very well produced, it has an engaging and passionate narrator, some excellent visuals and addresses the reasons why the book should be purchased.  I like the holistic philosophy the book is promoting.

The second trailer is for a fun kid’s book “Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles” by Kate Louise and Bethany Straker.  Bethany’s illustrations are bright and colourful and the music is lively.  The premise is succinctly laid out without giving too much away.  It’s the classic one sentence tag-line, then an image, then repeat trailer, but the music and drawings are the (ahem) draw-cards.


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