guest poet: five ways to die in the mountains

This poem skilfully weaves falling in love with the risks associated with climbing a mountain. I loved the refreshing take on how vulnerable one can be when falling in love.

This Heart of Flowers

i. temperature
my heart is
a mourning flower
in the darkness
i drown in its depth
i am exposed
and defeated

ii. altitude sickness
night falls
like a hammer
hitting my skull
a persistent drumming
of bird’s wings
behind my eyes
one breath pulled through
swollen lungs
i was dizzy
in your

iii. predators
one tooth too many
strange, broken creatures
snapping bone
bloodless and beautiful
shapeshifting like snowmelt
caressing a soft, vulnerable
part of me
how you held the beast
like your fear:
gently and
close to your chest

iv. isolation
i’ve been alone
and can’t remember
how to speak soft words
or touch you
with my hands
like a fragile wisp
of sunlight
resting warm
against your skin

v. falling
i am scared of you
if i fall
i die

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