Themeless Thursday: Serial Poetry

Well, that about wraps it up for TC Brown. (to paraphrase Douglas Adams).  Poem Noir is one of my favourite poems.  It was written over the space of six months and refined and refined.  I am fascinated with TC Brown and had plans for doing a poem focusing on his ex-girlfriend Ace; one that was more in the style of say a mafia thriller, a violent and brutal poem.  But after several false starts I couldn’t get the hang of it.  I am exploring another TC Brown serial but not in the style of film noir.  Is there another serial poem for next week? Yes, of biblical proportions.

Still riding high on the blog award nomination.  One thing the blog award did was gain me a few more followers so I would like to welcome all my new followers to the blog.  I hope you enjoy my postings.

I have not done much writing at the moment, aside from four poems for the new TC Brown serial.  But the show I have to write for January has been confirmed which is good news.  I have settled on the theme and the poems, so now I have to work on tying the threads together.  I’m looking forward to this.

I am also going to start writing the outline for “The Seven-Layer Curse” for another author to review.  The first draft is finished but I need to distill it into an outline for a structural review.  Never done one of those before… Helpful links appreciated.


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