Poem: School’s Out

School is out and the playground is empty.
The birds can be heard clearly now,
A mirage of children shimmers on the benches.
A basketball casually loiters on the cement.
Bins wait for rubbish
gaping like hungry chicks.

Walking through the halls feels different.
When school’s in and classes are in session
the hum of learning soaks the air with knowledge
the varying pitch of teachers randomly escapes from classes
Locker doors frequently screech, complaining.
When school’s out,
crickets hum into the building
the school groans as is it settles in the heat
the lockers are mute and secretive.

In classrooms, posters slip lazily from pins,
the blackboards hold old lessons that fade into memory,
The sun swims through dust, illuminating stains on the floor.
Desks sit patiently for the next year to begin.


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