Themeless Thursday: Start of a new serial and Tim Burton

Well, to start with I have started writing the plays for January.  Whilst researching one of them I came across a couple of early Tim Burton films that were related to what I am about to do.  They featured his design aesthetic and his use of peculiar characters.  In fact I think he was experimenting with Pantomime a bit, as it used the grand dame approach, ie overbearing woman as played by a man.  Don’t know if I like that idea… you see enough jocks do it at high school.

In addition I have been at work completing my trainers certificate.  This Sunday I am going to Supernova in Sydney with my kids.  If you want to meet, that would be lovely, but I will only be there in the morning.  I have to drive back up the mountain in time for rehearsals.

Have fun and stay happy



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