Discussion: Two Moons at Sunset

A science fiction memoir.  The story of a colonist from earth.  The colony ship crash lands on the wrong planet.  The crash destroys most of the seed banks, most of the technology.  What is left is barely enough to sustain the survivors.  Even worse, the planet is poisonous, the local flora and fauna is toxic.  The soil can corrupt the surviving seed banks.  It takes some doing to figure out what can and can’t kill you.  The person writing the memoir is farmer and poet.  He learns what native flora is safe for humans and tries to cultivate it.  He learns what seeds are safe to grow in the soil.  He chooses to work with the land, rather than with those who choose to convert the land.  “Landing” in the poem is the place where the colony sets up its first base of operations.  “Hannet’s Range” is a mountain range that was explored by another colonist (called Hannet).  The sun has two moons named Cain and Able for obvious reasons. The sun is not called Adam.  Lapas are a native animal – think of a cross between Australian dingoes and North American coyotes.  Lapas is Russian for paws.


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