Poem: Two Moons at Sunset

It’s the dominant gas
that determines the colour of the sky.
it’s the infinite smallness
of fragments of sand that filters light
This red earth –
that hints of poison –
releases itself
into the air.
The molecules of particles
sift the colours
so that the day is pink
and the night sky is
filled with blinking red lights
in a matt blackness
almost neon
almost pastel
almost permanent
this red earth stains the water and the clouds
the moon and the sun.

The sun sinks into purple
into night
The sun’s regal corona,
tendrils seeking into space,
burns into the horizon
and leaves a dark malevolent
after-image in the eye
that sits amongst the distant mountains
with stubborn cheekiness
defying the cycle
defying the orbit of its planets
defying itself as it fades into afterthought
The sun makes the red maples glow
then goes.

Then Cain rises.
climbing the jagged peaks
of time’s patient movement
revealing more of it’s waxing phase
grown from a sliver of light
Cain is now a crescent pointing to Landing
A warning perhaps, a beacon, a signal of portent
Cain casts a red tinge to the peaks of Hannet’s range.

Following Cain but rising faster
Abel races from the valleys
with the energy of the ruby gazelles
as swift as mercury
slicing through the night skies
Abel is waning.
Wearing the sun’s red rays that are not blocked
by Cain’s imposition
Abel wears Cain’s mark
it is tear shaped,
it is flowing upwards into the sky
it is drifting towards its brother.

This is a delicate balancing act
a crescent shadowed by a red tear
the red handle rising slowly in an arc
the red tear tracing its step
back to the eye of night
Which red star claims this tear?
Which cloud is stained by its rise?

The planet holds its breath for a moment
when the moons touch and slide through each other.
Then the night is cacophony.
The brown-nosed grey lapas howl at the moons like wolves
calling for their mates,
declaring their territory
staking their claim.

I howl at the moons for the same reason
I hold my breath when they pass
I will rise over this horizon
like mercury
casting a red shadow
slicing through the world.


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