Poem: Our eyes seek light

Candles are spells of fire released
into the psyche
Some light candles to support memory
the flame propels thoughts into synapses
that flicker in the mind
fragile and momentary
burning on the wax of guilt or regret or fondness
returning to self-fulfil the darkness
hope and desire bent from their natural course
wish me a better life
wish me a simple resolution

Our eyes seek light
as eyes seek relief from the dark
yet the light can betray itself
and is all the more riskier.

yet a candle
its suggestions
its wax, its wick
a candle
its small warmth
and silent prayers
chases us from fear
protects us from impossibility
a candle
heals by illumination.

It is easy to pass your fingers through the flame
to reach the comfort level
the dull glow of safety
But to hold it there
brand yourself with the fire of the candle
that is life.

A lit candle is as fragile as life
A candle is silent without its flame.

Touch the flame
and hold it.

Touch the wax
and let it melt you
into living.


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