Serial Poem: Looking out for Moses (part iii)

III Moses Parting the Red Sea

And Moses held out his hand,
and lo, did the waters part.

I made my way down into that roaring corridor
with the current of Israel flowing from Egypt,
a liquid escape;
we flowed onto the seabed –
we fled.
I saw surprised fish still jumping –
I picked one up and was hurried on.

I considered the walls,
the torrential sound of falling water
falling into itself,
restrained by the hand of my deliverer.
And I stopped to look
whilst people banged into me
and urged me to move.

I was looking into another world.

schools of fish turned sharply into invisibility,
corals drifted on the winds of currents,
sharks casually glided, prowling,
and the richness of muted colours dazzled my eyes.

And there, the remnant of a house,
the walls almost eaten away,
the floor sandy and uneven –
and I saw two barnacled chairs
like two bejewelled thrones that lost their lustre
and on these thrones were two skeletons
tied by ropes or seaweed,
bodies facing each other,
heads looking at me.

Whilst Israel pushed to the other side
I pondered the eye sockets of my underwater skulls –
who were they?
How long were they there for?
I did not question what made them come here
nor what they meant to each other,
but here they were.

Israel had emptied itself off that accursed shore
and now Moses rushed them on.
I saw him running towards me
and called him over to witness this underwater scene.
I pointed to the remnants, the bones –
he looked,
they collapsed
and the walls began to close.


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