Poem: Gretel’s Lament

Mothers. Some are great, some are bad
Some make you happy, some make sad
And often, it is just the one.
A tear for a laugh, a cry for some fun.
My mother, I miss you, I cry a lot.
But my father’s wife – I don’t care one jot.
Oh mother, are you listening up there?
Why did you leave us, it’s not fair
I wanted you for all my life,
My brother too, my father’s wife
You two were meant to be
Together for eternity
I miss your cuddles, your strength, your heart
It’s unbearable that we’re apart
And Oh! I long to hold you so.

My arms ache from all these chores
That Porsche has us do, while she snores
And lazes on the couch, we sweep and sweat
And do her work, and don’t forget
To Daddy she’s an angel from above
But to us, she’s a devil. Beelzebub
Is much less evil. Porsche is an awful witch;
Mother, she beats us with a switch.
You never hurt us, you only yelled,
Then we’d apologise and all would be well.
Being a child to Porsche rattles me
It isn’t as easy as it’s meant to be.
But do you know what makes me scream?
I don’t see you in my dreams
And Oh! How I wish you did not go!

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