Themeless Thursday: School Holidays and Draft Revision

Here in Sydney, the school system is in break mode before the final term of the year.  My family stayed in Sydney with my mother while I traveled to and fro for work.  Last Saturday night was a highlight – Goon Show with our largest audience yet and the most fun we had performing too.  I polished off a fairly unpolished German accent but still got lovely laughs.  Most exhausted.  My wife and editor read the first draft of Mother Goose and tells me I need more jokes to please the adults.  I did my first pass at the second draft, added a joke about Gordon Ramsay and another nursery rhyme.  The first reading is going to happen at the end of this month.  Gives me time to give the script a bit of spit and polish.

I also discussed the possibility of writing classes hosted by my local neighbourhood centre.  I’m waiting for approval before I say anything more about it.  Finally this Friday night I am reading at a poetry book launch. Some intriguing poems.

Have a good day everyone.


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