Silly Money poem

12507644_10156441059560607_817261112415224864_nThis was posted on a facebook page I follow.  Here is my response.

Something silly, something sexy, something safe and something scary. Some scrumptious sauce for some spaghetti, several small bags of silver confetti. Some silly string for silly boys. And saxophones for silky noise. Stacks of secrets for secret spies. Several silly kites to fly the skies and lastly when my stash is gone, several sycophants to say “well done”.

My challenge – can you respond in the style of a poem?   Post your response in reply.  Let’s have some fun!



2 thoughts on “Silly Money poem

  1. Glad for grass and ground surrounding I guess I’d get gadgets, goblets, guaranteed gestures that second guessed you. A godsend from a good friend. Gamble-free gambolling and guiltless germane. Gleeful gastronomes to come into the home. A galleon to give to a gallery to keep them afloat a grant to astound as matched pound for pound. Give in to greed? Gleaned from a gland gamed to plan. Govern as a go-to but just as a gist of the grist for the mill, the gusto of a guest list that’s easy to fill.


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