Spiderweb at Dawn

Glistening spheres reflecting

balancing on silk

Scattered on a spiderweb


A cartographer’s map

Towns and villages

at the junctions of highways


A close examination reveals

It’s all the same town

Each drop, a slightly different angle

But all have a mountain in the background

A building on the right

A spreading tree sparkling with dawn


The web is a multiverse of decisions

The spheres branch into discrete outcomes

In one a tavern closed forever

In another a tavern sleeping

Before the day awakens

Another globe, a mansion on the cusp

The owner rising from slumber

All the same man but not

All the same building but not.


Does silk connect decisions and outcomes

A pathway to travel between them?

Is the spider predator or guardian?

To catch the travelling morsel

To protect the lines

So that each decision plays out

Before the sun evaporates the outcomes


If this is but one web of a multiverse

Then there must be more


Each web collecting

Each web reflecting

Each web existing.

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