Trailer Tuesday: Dark Turns by Cate Holahan

What an enchanting and enticing book trailer.  The trailer for “Dark Turns” hints at a mystery, although the cover reveals it is a thriller.  Proabably YA as the newspaper headlines focus on strange events at a college.  Using both live action and newspaper headlines, the trailer suggests the books themes with a deft touch.  The haunting music and song adds to the atmosphere set by the visuals.

You may remember I featured the piano music in an earlier post.  Here is the completed trailer for the book.  A wonderful achievement.


Book Trailers: Star Wars by William Shakespeare

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m putting this here for entertainment value alone. I am posting links rather than embedding so that you can see all three.  The first one is not as slick as the last two but sales of the first book funded the last two.  Shakespear appears in the last trailer!

I also found a playlist of June book trailers, lots of big name publishing houses on the list, I’m going to start looking at some fan based ones shortly.  If you have a book trailer and would like to feature it, please email me.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars: The Empireth Striketh Back

Star Wars: The Jedi Doth Returneth

June Playlist of book trailers.

Trailer Tuesday (Belated): Jewels of Allah by Nina Ansary

Book trailers that premiered this week include

Demon by Harry Styles on Wattpad (Fantasy)

The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward (YA)

Live your Life from the Front Seat by Jessica Butts (Self-Help)


Time Hunters by Carl Ashmore

The best of them is this one. Jewels of Allah by Nina Ansary.  It challenges your perceptions about roles, about origins and about history.  The production values are very slick.  The book reveals have great power.  This is a great book trailer.

Trailer Tuesday: Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

This is a great book trailer.  I guess it’s because the publisher has the money to promote the book. It uses professional actors, has great production values and doesn’t reveal too much about the book.  I know that a lot of beginning authors don’t have the money for such high production values, but what I’d like to see in book trailers is a less Powerpoint style approach.  Words flashing across a screen doesn’t always do it for me,  So I’m interested in what does it for you?  What do you like about book trailers.  And wouldn’t it be fun to do a blog trailer?

Trailer Tuesday: Two environment themed trailers.

The first trailer is from health-care provider Kaiser Permanente.  This trailer focuses on their book that details their approaches to reducing their overall impact on the environment. The book also looks at other hospitals who are not part of the Kaiser stable that have also implemented similar policies.  I must say I was initially sceptical about the trailer; at first I thought the book was more about the company trying to gain attention to themselves (“Look at us, we’re trying to heal the planet, too.”) but it seems to be a lot more than just that. Profits from the book goes to a non-profit environmental health-care group. I hope any health professionals out there would look past the source and read it in order to provide a greener approach to health care.

The book trailer is very well produced, it has an engaging and passionate narrator, some excellent visuals and addresses the reasons why the book should be purchased.  I like the holistic philosophy the book is promoting.

The second trailer is for a fun kid’s book “Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles” by Kate Louise and Bethany Straker.  Bethany’s illustrations are bright and colourful and the music is lively.  The premise is succinctly laid out without giving too much away.  It’s the classic one sentence tag-line, then an image, then repeat trailer, but the music and drawings are the (ahem) draw-cards.