Silly Saturday: Royal Wedding Book Trailer

This trailer is a hoot!  I love the sound effects and voice overs, the cheeky sense of humour and the irreverence.  Every royalist should have this.  Enjoy.


Trailer Tuesday: My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding by T. Sue VerSteeg

I think I’ve definitely got a theme going this week.  This book trailer is a lot of fun.  It’s got the kinetic typography going for it, a lovely voice over and a sense of fun.  The book isn’t something I’d ordinarily read but both my wife and I enjoyed the trailer. A note on the author’s name…I wonder if the T. is short Tirama.

Book Trailer: The Library of the Dead

This is a great book trailer, I love the rocking soundtrack.  It matches the theme of the book and the images displayed and builds a great sense of disturbed mania.  The illustrations for each of the stories are excellently drawn and moody.  I think the emphasis on the basis of the stories is overdone; it takes a while to get to the illustrations, but worth the wait.

Trailer Tuesday: Stargazer by Hailey Curry

What annoys me a lot about book trailers is the fly in text, or the text that expands the longer it is on screen.  Big Cliche! Boring too.  This trailer, fortunately, is not one of those.  However it is a mosaic trailer.  That is a trailer that uses videos from other sources.  I understand the people have limited resources so I can appreciate when those resources are put to best use.  This trailer uses a collection of images to create curiosity about the story.  Even the mish-mash of styles from live action to in-game footage is great.  Here is the link to the story.

Trailer Tuesday: Invisible Wings by Janell Rhiannon

I’m always on the lookout for something new and different to the normal YA dystopia.  And while this is definitely still within the supernatural romance genre, at least (at this point) there are no shiny vampires. From what I’ve read the book is about faith and hope without being in your face zealous.  The trailer is also very well done, with lovely imagery.  It doesn’t reveal too much about the book, but sets the tone of the book with its great use of music and voiceover.