Music Monday: Blue Grass version of Rocket Man

I warmed to this version.  At first I thought the plucking too fast for the song, but as they warm up so did I.  Cool. Oh and there’s blood on the moon and water on Mars.


Music: 4 * Four Seasons in One Day

Ok.  Be patient.  I wanted to capture a “Four Seasons in One Day” by Crowded House cover.  I came across lots. Lots and lots.  So then I thought – I know!  I’ll go for four covers of different types.  Four Seasons, Four Covers!  Brilliant right? I can’t equate them to the actual seasons.  But they are sufficiently different that they stand out from each other.

You can choose to watch one, two or all of them.  Or not.

The first one is posted by Dylan O’Donnell and features himself on guitar and his friend Anna on violin.  A lovely pairing and a beautiful rendition.

This second is included for some local flavour.  The choir, Ex Gracia, is from my neck of the woods.  Here they are performing at the Blackheath Choir Festival last year.  While it’s not a perfect version, the harmonies are occasionally spot on and lovely to listen to.

Moving from the Blue Mountains to more foreign climes, this next version is in German. Cleuso turn this song into a duet. The two singers are great and it’s good to hear it in German language.  Fortunately it loses none of its beauty in translation.

Finally, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Disco Duck does a good effort at mangling this lovely song.  It’s a hoot, or a quack.